Welcome to Stenson Models for model railways kits and detailing parts. The range of products is small, but growing. Most are associated with the post modernisation period of British Rail, but there are a few which encroach upon the earlier years, like the popular etched ladder kits. The objectives are to achieve the highest standards of realism, whilst endeavouring to make the products as user friendly as possible. All products have been tested fully before release, and every effort has been made to provide comprehensive instructions or notes as appropriate. Looking to the future it is intended to develop and add new products to the range.

    Featured Products


    VGA / VKA Footsteps – SM24D

    This etch will enable a set of footsteps to be added to four Bachmann VGA /VKA models. Each step of footsteps comprises of two left hand and two right hand footsteps. Assembly instructions can be downloaded here. SM24D VGA Steps Assembly Instructions


    BAA / BBA Footsteps – SM17D

    This etch will make eight pairs of footsteps suitable for the Cambrian BAA and BBA wagons. The footsteps are also suitable for the Bachmann BAA wagon, but some of the ‘inner frame’ with need to be removed to allow the footsteps to be fitted. Assembly instructions can be downloaded here SM17D BAA – BBA Footstep assembly instructions


    HEA / MEA / MFA Footsteps – SM19D

    This etch will enable a pair of  footsteps to be added to seven Bachmann HEA wagons. There is also another pair of footstep which are the ‘opposite hand’. These will enable the early HEA with the central ladder which had four footsteps to be modelled if desired. For MEA and MFA variants the number of footsteps varied with theRead more about HEA / MEA / MFA Footsteps – SM19D[…]

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