Welcome to Stenson Models for model railways kits and detailing parts. The range of products is small, but growing. Most are associated with the post modernisation period of British Rail, but there are a few which encroach upon the earlier years, like the popular etched ladder kits. The objectives are to achieve the highest standards of realism, whilst endeavouring to make the products as user friendly as possible. All products have been tested fully before release, and every effort has been made to provide comprehensive instructions or notes as appropriate. Looking to the future it is intended to develop and add new products to the range.

    Featured Products


    Instanter Coupling Links, 4 pairs, 7mm – SM27D

    This etch will enable four pairs of instanter coupling links to be assembled. Assembly instructions can be downloaded here. SM27D 7mm Instanter Coupling Link Instructions

    PCA Brake Actuator Frame for Lima Wagon x 4 Pairs 4mm- SM31D

    This Brake Support Bracket is designed to convert the Lima PCA from a one disc brake per axle wagon to the two disc brake per axle wagon as design code PC009E, number range, 10700 – 10837 and 10850 – 10942. This is not a stock item and can be purchased from the Stenson Models Shapeways Site. Please followRead more about PCA Brake Actuator Frame for Lima Wagon x 4 Pairs 4mm- SM31D[…]


    Bogie 4mm – Gloucester GPS25 2000mm Disc Braked CC14B

    Gloucester GPS25, 2 metre wheelbase bogie kit complete with etched brass sheet, castings, pin point wheel bearings, spring wire, and pivot components. 12 mm or 12.5mm diameter wheels with discs on one wheel required and 15″, 6 spoke handwheels which are available from Stenson Models item CC06D Will make up 1 pair of bogies. Download instructions here CC14B Gloucester GPS 2000mmRead more about Bogie 4mm – Gloucester GPS25 2000mm Disc Braked CC14B[…]

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