Bogie 4mm – Gloucester Fastfreight CC04B


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Gloucester Fastfreight sprung bogie kit complete with etched brass sheet, castings, pin point wheel bearings, spring wire, and pivot components. Will make one pair of bogies, complete except for wheels.

Requires 10.5mm diameter wheels on 26mm axles to complete

Please download instructions from link below

CC04B Gloucester Fastfreight v4

Note that this kit is specifically designed for the bogies used under the  PWA, (design codes PW001, PW002 and PW010), and PNA (design code PN001) pallet wagons which used 838mm dia wheels (10.5 mm in 4mm/ft). It contains 8 spacing washers to aid with the fitting of the bogies under the Lima/Hornby Pallet Wagon model.

Without modification, they are NOT suitable for PBA (design code PB001A) Cleveland Potash Hoppers which used 952 mm dia wheels; the brake shoe clearances are not appropriate.