Bogie Frame 4mm – 2000mm Wheelbase Rigid CC51B (4 Pairs)


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Brass frames for 4 pairs of 2000 mm wheelbase Axle Motion bogies. A simple frame specifically designed for the DEMU PTA wagon project. The kit includes etched frames to make pairs of bogies only.

Pin point bearings, pivot screws + nuts, cosmetic side frames and wheels  are NOT included. Also there is no provision for couplings on the bogie.

This frame has also been used for Cambrian FBT6 bogies, using the Cambrian plastic moulded sides.

Axle Motion bogies require two 5 spoke handwheels mounted on one bogie in a pair and one disc brake insert diametrically opposed per axle.  FBT6 bogies require  4 spoke, 4 spoke with solid back, or plain disc along with disc brake inserts on all wheels. Please refer to images of your chosen prototype.

Download Instructions here cc51b-2000mm-rigid-bogie-frame-instructions

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