HEA / MEA / MFA Footsteps 4mm – SM19D


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This etch will enable a pair of  footsteps to be added to seven Bachmann HEA wagons. There is also another pair of footstep which are the ‘opposite hand’. These will enable the early HEA with the central ladder which had four footsteps to be modelled if desired. For MEA and MFA variants the number of footsteps varied with the batch build and the date in service. Please check with prototype photo’s to ensure you have the correct configuration of footsteps.

The footsteps are designed to fit onto the upgraded Bachmann underframe with the ‘thin’ brake lever. They can be fitted to the original underframe with the deeply moulded brake lever. But a judicious amount of carving to remove plastic will be needed in the appropriate area.

Please download the assembly instruction from the link below.

SM19D HEA Footstep Instructions v2