PCA Brake Actuator Frame for Lima / Hornby Wagon x 4 Pairs 4mm- SM31D


This Brake Support Bracket is designed to convert the Lima / Hornby PCA from a one disc brake per axle wagon to the two disc brake per axle wagon as design code PC009E, number range, 10700 – 10837 and 10850 – 10942.

This is not a stock item and can be purchased from the Stenson Models Shapeways Site. Please follow this link.


The instructions can be downloaded here

SM31D PCA Brake Support Bracket Instructions v1.1

Please note that the demonstration model still retains the original Lima suspension units and wheels for the moment. The deficiencies of these can be seen when compared to the prototype images.

Although the instructions for this item refer to the Lima PCA, the Hornby PCA is very similar and this detailing part can be used to detail that model as well.