POA Powell Duffryn Scrap Wagon Body Kit 4mm – SM82D


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This kit consists of two main etches plus a supplementary small third etch and is designed to build a Powell Duffryn Scrap Wagon body in the number range 4500 – 4559.

A hold and fold tool will be needed to make this kit. It is also recommended to use a soldering iron with a power rating of at least 40W along with lower melting solder of 145°C

The kit is designed to fit on a Bachmann TTA, and derivatives,  underframe which is not supplied

The instructions can be downloaded via the link below.

SM82D Powell Duffyn POA Scrap Wagon Body PO016V

There are predominantly two types of underframe which Stenson Models can also provide.

The link to the Metro Cammel type is suitable for numbers 4502/3/4/5/6/7/9


The link to the Powell Duffryn type is suitable for numbers 4510 -4559 inclusive.