SJA Conversion 4mm – SM21D


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This etch will enable a Bachmann MEA wagon to be converted to an SJA wagon. Three HEA/HSA wagons were converted in 1990 at Cardiff Cathays for the carrying of scrap metal. Although large scale conversions of these wagons was not proceeded with for scrap metal, without the doors the design was used as a basis for the MEA wagons. Note that the SJA’s had a ladder at either end of the wagon, unlike the MEA. So either a spare MEA wagon body will be needed to donate its ladder or one made from Stenson Models Ladder etch CC04D.

The footsteps are designed to fit onto the upgraded Bachmann underframe with the ‘thin’ brake lever. They can be fitted to the original underframe with the deeply moulded brake lever. But a judicious amount of carving is required to remove plastic will be needed in the appropriate area.

Both sets of assembly instructions required can be downloaded from the links below.

SM21D SJA Conversion v2

SM19D HEA Footstep Instructions v2

Numbering and lettering is available from Railtec Transfers

An article on the model SJA model and an article of the prototype can be found in Rail Express Modeller April 2018.