Suspension Unit 4mm – Internal Frame for Bachmann TTA Wagons CC03S – NOTE P4 Gauge only


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This Suspension Unit kit for the Bachmann TTA comes complete with etched brass sheet and spring wire components for the conversion of one wagon. It also includes a small jig to enable the brake shoes to be aligned closer to the P4 wheels.

Please note that it is suitable for P4 gauge only and that 0.5mm Ø wire or pins will be required to complete.

The wheels required are 12.0 mm, or 12.5 mm diameter with a plain 2mm diameter axle flush with the outside face. (Not Pinpoint) A typical axle length is 21.9 mm.

For a much fuller description, please download the comprehensive instructions from the link below

CC03S internal spinging for Bachmann TTA V2

Brake Yokes are available from Stenson Models here.